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Moonlit Global

Moonlit Globa;
moonlit global partner of internation tour and travel exhibition companies
moonlit global travel exhibition partners
moonlit global india travel exhibition representation agency
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About Moonlit Global

Moonlit Global unites customers and communities with a variety of National and International events and exhibitions across the Globe. We envision to empower organizations globally, by creating space and opportunity for our clients. We connect the trade with B2B programs, to establish new connections and enhance businesses across nations.

At Moonlit, we embrace professionalism followed by persistence and performance. Our expertise, ambition, dedication, focus and pro-activeness ensures desired outcomes and therefore, puts us at the forefront.

Multiple years of relationship with the Ministry, government departments, tourism boards, regional authorities, trade associations, travel agents, DMC’s, aviation, hospitality corporations and other industry related organizations is our greatest strength.


What we Do

At Moonlit Global, we Connect, Strengthen and Maximize business returns with quality, consistency and deliverance.

Supporting Principals

Supporting principals in planning and strategizing sales progress from various regions.

Branding Strategy

Formulating, marketing and branding strategy for trade shows.

Establishing Partnerships

Strengthening existing partnerships alongside establishing new ones.

Meeting Customers

Meeting potential customers to encourage participation.

Regular Calls

Regular face to face sales calls with related industry corporates.


Confirming space, Contracting and invoicing.

Portal Registrations

Online portal registration, checklist, prescheduling meetings onsite with hosted buyers and other industry professionals.

Promotional Tieups

Promotional tie ups with trade associations, regional authorities and relevant Government departments and their approved agencies.

Onsite Support

Onsite and regular support to the partners