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Moonlit Global

Moonlit Globa;



Connect, Strengthen and Maximize business returns

moonlit global india international travel exhibition representation agency

Moonlit Global is a One stop shop to exhibit at various International & National trade events; enabling to build new B2b connections and enhancing existing ones for effective and lasting businesses.

More than 20 + years of strong, first-hand working experience of sales, customer service, contracting, marketing, branding and promoting international trade shows and exhibition companies.

Services we focus on

  • Strategizing & organising exhibitions & events
  • Sales Strategy
  • Proven sales track record over targets
  • Relationship Selling
  • Managing Relationships and partnerships
  • Upselling & consultative selling
  • Exceptional customer service skills
  • Focus on delivering against customers’ expectations and objectives – ensuring their business needs are met
  • Highly organised
  • Strong attention to details
  • Ability to work independently
  • Take on challenges and lead change and innovation
  • Proficient communicator & motivator of people
  • Continually, hitting tight deadlines and timescales, thriving on activity and new challenges

Services we focus on

  • Supporting principals in planning and strategizing sales progress from various regions.
  • Formulating, marketing and branding strategy for trade shows.
  • Strengthening existing partnerships alongside establishing new ones.
  • Meeting potential customers to encourage participation.
  • Regular face to face sales calls with related industry corporates.
  • Confirming space, Contracting and invoicing.                            
  • Handhold each participant with various activities related to their participation like online portal registration, checklist, prescheduling meetings onsite with hosted buyers and other industry professionals and several other deadlines etc.
  • Promotional tie ups with trade associations, regional authorities and relevant Government departments and their approved agencies.
  • Onsite support