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PGA Show 2025: The Pinnacle of Golf Business & Innovation

    PGA show 2023
    PGA show 2023
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    PGA Show 2025: The Pinnacle of Golf Business & Innovation

    Organized by the seasoned professionals at Reed Exhibitions (RX) in a groundbreaking partnership with the PGA of America, the PGA Golf Show stands as the annual zenith for golf’s business spectrum. It’s not just an event – it’s the future in the making.

    This event isn’t just about the game on the green but delves deep into the nuances of the industry. A melting pot of dynamic international communities, it’s where the who’s who of the golf world convene.

    From testing the latest state-of-the-art products to brainstorming transformative ideas, it’s an incubator for innovation, fostering solutions, and nurturing the undying passion for the game.

    By engaging with the PGA Show, PGA Professionals and buyers supercharge the value they bring to their facilities, stand out in a competitive market, and substantially propel their careers.

    PGA Show 2025

    Mark your calendars! The PGA Show is all set to grace Orlando from January 21-24, 2025. It’s essential to note that the sanctity of the event is preserved by ensuring it remains trade-only, thereby excluding public access.

    Who's Attending?

    A glimpse into the attendee list showcases the gravity of the PGA Show:
    • Golf Industry Titans
    • Strategic Buyers for Golf Facilities & Courses
    • Visionary Golf Course Owners, Presidents, & Managers
    • Distinguished PGA & LPGA Professionals, both International & Domestic
    • Dynamic Assistant PGA Professionals & PGA Associates
    • Trailblazing Golf and Pro-Shop Owners & Managers
    • Renowned Golf Coaches & Instructors
    • Esteemed Directors of Golf
    • Budding Students & Entrepreneurs of the Golf Industry
    • Expert Golf Tournament Directors & Organizers

    Benefits of Representing Your Business at the PGA 2025:

    1. Broad Exposure: Get highlighted in a pre-show email reaching over 45,000 PGA Professionals, key
    buyers, and 1,000+ media representatives, ensuring your brand is seen by key industry players.
    2. Digital Presence: Feature on the Travel Pavilion section of and have your company
    details prominently listed on the website online directory and mobile app.
    3. Media Outreach: Benefit from a dedicated press release announcing your participation, and enjoy
    live media coverage during the event for extended reach.
    4. Lead Generation: Utilize state-of-the-art lead retrieval systems during the show, and gain post-
    show access to all online and on-site leads for further sales and promotional efforts.
    5. Engage with Industry Professionals: Direct interaction with a diverse crowd of 40,000 industry
    professionals, opening doors for potential partnerships and collaborations.
    6. Premium Placement: Secure a high-profile booth space, ensuring maximum footfall and visibility
    for your brand during the show.
    7. Exclusive Content Creation: Receive a bespoke 30-60 second video about your brand, usable
    across various stages of your marketing strategy.
    8. Tailored Sponsorship Opportunities: Additional sponsorship opportunities are available post-show
    to target specific visitor groups, further enhancing your brand's reach and recognition within the
    golfing community.

    Experience PGA Show 2025 with Moonlit Global, Contact Us now for the details